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Corn Nuts Chile Picante Con Limon - 4oz (113g)

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Corn Nuts Chile Picante Con Limon is an exciting snack choice for those who crave a combination of spicy and tangy flavours. This product is part of the Corn Nuts range, renowned for its crunchy, roasted corn kernels. The Chile Picante Con Limon variety takes these beloved kernels and coats them in a bold seasoning blend that marries the heat of chilli with the zesty, refreshing tang of lime. This flavour profile is inspired by traditional Latin American cuisine, where the combination of spice and citrus is a staple.

The result is a snack that bursts with a fiery kick followed by a sharp, clean citrus note that cuts through the heat, creating a balanced and invigorating taste experience. The texture of the corn nuts adds another dimension to this snack – each kernel is satisfyingly crunchy, providing a robust mouthfeel that stands out from more common snack options like potato chips or pretzels. Ideal for those who enjoy snacks with a bit of heat and zest, Corn Nuts Chile Picante Con Limon is perfect for a midday snack, a fun addition to a party mix, or even as a companion to a cold beverage, complementing the flavours with its spicy and tangy profile.

Imported from the USA.
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