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Ocean Bomb x Street Fighter Peach Sparkling Tea (330ml)

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Dive into a unique fusion of gaming nostalgia and thirst-quenching refreshment with Ocean Bomb's collaboration with Street Fighter - the Peach Sparkling Tea. This exclusive beverage not only delights the palate but also strikes a chord with gaming enthusiasts around the globe.

At the heart of this captivating drink is the iconic character, Chun Li. As the fierce and agile warrior graces the can with her unmistakable presence, it instantly becomes a collectible for fans. The beverage inside, however, does not play second fiddle. The gentle fizz of sparkling water marries perfectly with the delicate notes of peach tea, creating an invigorating and aromatic experience. Each sip feels like Chun Li's swift kick – powerful, precise, and filled with character. Whether you're a dedicated Street Fighter gamer or simply in search of a unique beverage, the Ocean Bomb x Street Fighter Peach Sparkling Tea delivers a knockout combination of taste and nostalgia.

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