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Kool-Aid Black Cherry Unsweetened Drink Mix Sachet 0.13oz (3.6g)

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Kool-Aid Black Cherry Drink Mix is a burst of juicy delight in powdered form. One of the many iconic flavours from the Kool-Aid line-up, it brings together the sweet, vibrant notes of black cherries to create a beverage that's both rich in taste and vivacious in colour. For many, a mere mention of this flavour evokes nostalgic memories of summer afternoons, playful moments, and childhood gatherings.

The drink's signature deep red hue is almost as famous as its taste. Once mixed with water and sugar, it transforms into a mesmerizing cherry-coloured beverage that captures the attention of both kids and adults alike. The vivid colour makes it not only a favourite choice for quenching thirst but also a popular ingredient for creative recipes, from popsicles to jellies.

Kool-Aid has always been about more than just flavour; it's an experience. The Black Cherry Drink Mix is no exception. Its tangy yet sweet profile promises a taste adventure that dances on the palate. Whether you're sipping it on a sweltering day or reminiscing about fond memories, Kool-Aid's Black Cherry mix is sure to transport you to a world of flavour and fun.

Imported from the USA.
Citric Acid, Salt, Calcium Phosphate, Maltodextrin, Red 40, Contains Less than 2% of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Artificial Flavor, Blue 1. Gluten free.
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Country of Manufacture United States
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