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Jones Soda - Sour Mango Melon - 355ml

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Jones Soda's Sour Mango Melon flavour is a vibrant and refreshing choice in their adventurous line of soft drinks. Known for their willingness to experiment with unique and bold flavours, Jones Soda has crafted this variety to combine the tropical sweetness of mango with the light, refreshing taste of melon, all underpinned by a tangy, sour twist. This combination results in a soda that is both exhilarating and flavourful, offering a delightful contrast between the fruity sweetness and the zesty sourness.

As with all Jones Soda offerings, the Sour Mango Melon flavour is likely to be presented in the brand's signature packaging style – bright and colourful, often featuring customer-submitted photographs and creative, quirky labels. This soda is ideal for those who enjoy exploring unconventional and playful flavour combinations, especially in a beverage form. It's a great choice for a summer refreshment or for anyone looking to add a bit of excitement to their soda experience, promising a taste that is both unexpected and enjoyable.

Imported from the USA.
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