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Pocky Strawberry - 1.41oz (40g)

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Pocky Strawberry provides a sweet and fruity twist to the beloved Japanese snack, combining the crisp, light texture of Pocky biscuit sticks with a luscious strawberry flavoured coating. Each stick is generously covered in a creamy layer that perfectly captures the essence of ripe strawberries, offering a balance of sweetness and tartness that's both refreshing and indulgent. This flavour is a favourite among those who appreciate the harmonious blend of fruit and chocolate, delivering a snacking experience that's both satisfying and uplifting.

Ideal for enjoying on the go, as a delightful accompaniment to tea or coffee, or as a sweet treat after a meal, Pocky Strawberry is versatile and universally appealing. Its bright, attractive packaging makes it a great gift or a fun addition to parties and gatherings. For fans of fruity flavours or anyone looking to explore the wide range of Pocky variants, the Strawberry flavour stands out as a must-try, offering a deliciously unique take on the classic snack that's beloved around the world.

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