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Nyam Nyam Smiley - 45g

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Nyam Nyam Smiley is a fun and delightful snack, perfect for bringing a smile to anyone's face. This treat typically consists of a biscuit or cracker base, topped with a creamy, flavoured spread, and is often accompanied by colourful sprinkles or toppings. The unique aspect of Nyam Nyam Smiley is its playful presentation, with the spread and toppings creating a smiley face on each biscuit, making it not only tasty but also visually appealing.

Ideal for children and anyone who enjoys a playful and sweet snack, Nyam Nyam Smiley is great for a quick treat, party snack, or as a fun addition to lunchboxes. The combination of the crunchy base with the creamy topping offers a pleasing contrast in textures, while the smiley face design adds an element of joy to snacking.

Product of Indonesia.
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