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Meiji Yan Yan Topping Strawberry - 30g

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Meiji Yan Yan Topping Strawberry with Sprinkles is a delightful and interactive snack, combining crisp biscuit sticks with a sweet strawberry cream and a separate compartment of colourful sprinkles for dipping. The snack is designed for dipping the biscuit sticks first into the creamy strawberry-flavoured topping and then into the sprinkles, creating a fun, tasty, and visually appealing treat.

Ideal for those who enjoy a playful snacking experience with a fruity twist, Meiji Yan Yan Topping Strawberry with Sprinkles offers the perfect blend of textures and flavours. The strawberry cream adds a sweet and fruity dimension to the crunchy biscuit sticks, while the sprinkles provide an extra crunch and a burst of colour. This snack is especially popular among children who delight in the dipping and decorating aspect, but it's equally enjoyable for adults looking for a whimsically sweet treat.

Product of Indonesia
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