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Meiji Yan Yan Topping Chocolate - 30g

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Meiji Yan Yan Topping Chocolate with Sprinkles is an engaging and delicious snack that combines crispy biscuit sticks with creamy chocolate cream and a fun addition of colourful sprinkles. This snack includes separate compartments - one for the rich chocolate cream and another for the vibrant sprinkles. The biscuit sticks serve as a delightful vehicle for scooping up the smooth chocolate and then dipping into the sprinkles, creating a crunchy, creamy, and whimsically decorated treat.

Ideal for those who enjoy a playful and interactive snacking experience, Meiji Yan Yan Topping Chocolate with Sprinkles is perfect for adding a bit of fun to snack time. The combination of textures and flavours, from the crisp biscuit sticks to the velvety chocolate and the crunchy sprinkles, makes for a satisfying and enjoyable treat. This snack is especially popular with kids, who love the process of dipping and decorating each stick, but it's also a delightful choice for anyone looking for a sweet snack with a touch of whimsy.

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