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Cocobit Splash Mango - 350ml

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Cocobit Splash Mango is a tropical and flavourful beverage that encapsulates the rich and sweet taste of ripe mangoes. This drink offers a delightful mango flavor that is both juicy and aromatic, providing a taste that is true to the beloved tropical fruit. It combines the lush sweetness of mango with a refreshing liquid base, making it a perfect drink for quenching thirst and enjoying a taste of the tropics.

Ideal for mango lovers and those seeking a refreshing fruit-flavoured drink, Cocobit Splash Mango is great for cooling down on warm days, as a tasty hydration option after activities, or simply as an enjoyable and fruity beverage choice. The vibrant mango flavour in this drink makes it a popular selection for anyone looking to indulge in the sweet, tropical taste of mango in a convenient and refreshing form.

Product of Indonesia.
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