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Clearance Special - Tony Chachere's Seasoned Fish Fry Batter Mix - 10oz (283g) **Best Before: July 23**

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**This item is listed in the Clearance zone and is discounted in price because it is near to or has passed its Best Before date. Please refer to the title to see the Best Before date of this specific item.**

Tony Chachere's Seasoned Fish Fry Batter Mix is a specially crafted blend of spices and seasonings designed to make your fried fish dishes exceptionally flavourful and delicious. This seasoned batter mix simplifies the process of achieving that perfect crispy and seasoned coating for your fish.

Tony Chachere's, known for its Louisiana-inspired flavours, has created a batter mix that adds a delightful kick to your fish. The mix typically includes a combination of flour, cornmeal, and a secret blend of spices, which might include paprika, garlic, onion, and cayenne pepper, among others.

To use, you simply coat your fish pieces in the batter mix and then fry until they reach a golden, crispy perfection. The result is a mouth-watering fish with a flavourful and well-seasoned crust that embodies the rich and spicy tradition of Creole and Cajun cuisine.

Whether you're preparing a seafood feast or simply craving a taste of the Louisiana Bayou, Tony Chachere's Seasoned Fish Fry Batter Mix is a go-to choice for adding a burst of flavour and the perfect crunch to your fried fish creations. It's a convenient way to infuse your dishes with that signature Creole seasoning and spice that Tony Chachere's is known for.

Imported from the USA.

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