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Takis Zombie - 280g [Canadian]

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Takis Zombie is a bold and intense snack offering from the popular Takis brand, known for its fiery rolled tortilla chips. This particular variety takes a spookier turn, playing into the zombie theme with a striking visual appeal and a flavour profile that's designed to thrill the taste buds of the most daring snack enthusiasts.

The Zombie variant stands out with its distinctive green hue, reminiscent of classic zombie iconography. But it's not just the colour that's striking; these tortilla chips pack a punch with a unique blend of habanero and cucumber flavours. The heat from the habanero peppers hits you first, delivering that signature Takis spice that fans have come to love. This is then followed by an unexpected twist of cool cucumber, which adds a refreshing element to the mix and somewhat tames the fiery habanero. The result is a flavour rollercoaster that's both spicy and refreshing, perfectly capturing the essence of its 'Zombie' moniker.

Takis Zombie chips are a fantastic choice for those who like to add a little adventure to their snacking. The intense flavour, combined with the satisfying crunch of the rolled tortilla chips, makes them a hit at parties or as a bold snack to enjoy on your own. Whether you're a fan of the undead or just in search of a snack that breaks away from the norm, Takis Zombie is sure to awaken your palate with its undeadly delicious twist.

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