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Monster Java 300 Triple Shot French Vanilla - (444ml) [Canadian]

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Unleash the beast within and power through your day with Monster Java 300 Triple Shot French Vanilla! Designed for those who need an extra jolt to kick-start their mornings or fuel their afternoon slumps, this drink delivers not only on energy but also on flavor. Monster, renowned for their prowess in the energy drink arena, ups the ante with this java-infused delight, giving caffeine enthusiasts a delightful blend of energy and coffee.

At the heart of this beverage is the robust flavour of French vanilla, smooth and sweet, reminiscent of your favourite cafe's gourmet latte. But it's not just about taste. With a triple shot of caffeine, it promises to invigorate and awaken the senses, ensuring you're alert and ready to tackle any challenge. Monster Java 300 Triple Shot French Vanilla is the perfect blend of coffeehouse flavour and energy drink potency, a testament to Monster's commitment to innovation and quality.

Imported from Canada.
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