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Hershey's Eat-More Bar (52g) [Canadian]

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Unless you've been to Canada, you've probably never heard of an Eat-More bar! This Canadian delight is packed with peanuts and chocolate, all held together with delicious dark toffee. You'll be amazed by every bite as it stretches beyond belief! This is a different and unique bar as their slogan says- "It's unique, but are you unique enough to eat it?" Whatever the requirement, we have it! Whenever we indulge in one of these candy bars, we do want to "eat more"! Fun Fact: An early 1930s contest to name the chocolate bar was won by Angus B. MacDonald. His prize was an art deco-style clock fashioned to look like a measuring tape and the heirloom clock is still held by the family today!

Imported from Canada.

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Country of Manufacture Canada
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