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Dentyne Ice Fire Cinnamon 12pc Gum - 17g [Canadian]

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Dentyne Ice Fire Cinnamon Gum in a 12-piece pack offers a bold and intense chewing experience, ideal for those who enjoy the spicy, warm flavour of cinnamon. Each piece of this gum provides a strong cinnamon taste that is both invigorating and refreshing. The "Fire" in the name suggests a more intense cinnamon flavour compared to milder cinnamon gums, creating a sensation that can be both warming and exhilarating.

The packaging of Dentyne Ice Fire Cinnamon Gum is typically sleek and compact, making it convenient for carrying in a pocket or purse. This allows for easy access whenever you need a burst of fresh breath or a spicy pick-me-up during the day. The 12-piece pack is a practical size for personal use, ensuring that you have enough gum to last through several occasions.

Dentyne is known for its range of gums that offer fresh breath and bold flavours, and the Ice Fire Cinnamon variant is no exception. It's particularly appealing to those who seek a gum that delivers more than just a sweet taste, providing a strong, spicy flavour that can awaken the senses. Whether you're looking to freshen your breath or simply enjoy the taste of cinnamon, Dentyne Ice Fire Cinnamon Gum is a robust and flavourful choice.
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