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Brain Licker Sour Blue Raspberry Soda - 500ml

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Experience a burst of tangy excitement with Brain Licker Sour Blue Raspberry Soda. This unique beverage offers a playful twist on traditional sodas, delivering a mouth-puckering sour sensation alongside the irresistible taste of juicy blue raspberries.

Brain Licker Sour Blue Raspberry Soda provides a thrilling flavour adventure with every sip. The sourness adds an element of surprise and fun to your drinking experience, making it perfect for those who enjoy a little excitement in their beverages. Whether you're sipping it at a carnival, sharing it with friends, or simply seeking a quirky and flavourful refreshment, Brain Licker Sour Blue Raspberry Soda promises a tangy journey that's as enjoyable as it is unique. So, twist open the lid, take a sip, and let the sour and sweet combination of blue raspberry delight your taste buds with every drop!
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