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AriZona Arnold Palmer Strawberry Half & Half Iced Tea Lemonade - 22fl.oz (650ml)

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Experience a refreshing twist on a classic with AriZona's Arnold Palmer Strawberry Half & Half Iced Tea Lemonade! This vibrant blend combines the time-honored pairing of iced tea and lemonade, elevated with a delightful strawberry infusion.

Each sip delivers the signature earthiness of iced tea harmoniously balanced by the zesty brightness of lemonade. Then, in slides the sweet surprise – a luscious undertone of ripe strawberries, adding depth and a burst of fruity charm. This invigorating fusion, presented in AriZona's iconic tall can, is the ideal companion for sun-soaked picnics or a laid-back afternoon break. Dive into this fruity refresher and let AriZona whisk you away on a strawberry-kissed summer adventure! 

Imported from the USA

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